I recently completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and as much as I love what it has offered me, it has also left me with much:

  • Left me with an urge to keep learning more about Yoga and Yoga Philosophy.
  • Left me with questions about myself.
  • Left me with new insights and goals for my future.
  • Left me with a desire to share. To share my experiences; my feelings; my hopes; my fears; my shortcomings; my achievements; and more.  For the purpose of connecting and coming together.

As a twenty-something, I find myself wanting to be understood. I want to be understood, not for what I know, not for what I do, but for who I am; imperfections and all. I find myself wanting to understand those around me.

This blog is about the path and journey I am on, in this moment, and my thoughts. Here you will find a number of different things. I hope to share my personal yoga sequences with you, my knowledge and opinion (which is growing more and more each day) on Chakras and Spirituality, and personal entries about the feelings I encounter along this journey.

This is meant to be a safe space; a place of inspiration; a place of security; a place of acceptance. Whether or not we see things the same, this is a place to connect with those around you. To open our mind, hearts, and souls to another humans perspective. To cherish individuality, by recognizing our own interconnectedness.

Stay strong and genuine, and…

…Journey on!


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