Root Chakra|Groundwork

I am supported.

This was a lesson I had to learn before I could truly learn any other lesson. Really, this lesson of support was like beating a rough stone in a river of unpredictability. It was one thing after the other; and I was that hard stone.

Life is this magnificent flow.

The flow can be tranquil, like a small river. It could be gushing and full, like a waterfall spilling into a steady body of water. There are times the flow of life is seemingly frozen on the surface, still and oddly beautiful, yet moving beneath the surface; silently plotting the outcomes of a life to come.

What I’ve learned is: life is; always.

The stages of life happen to depend on our perception. It is only stagnant when we believe it to be. It is only plentiful when we see it as such. It is only unfortunate when we think it to be. It took me loosing all sense of support and grounding to realize what true freedom and support was. Somewhere down the line of my life, I had told myself that in order to taste true freedom and security was to taste groundlessness.

Groundlessness led me to the beautiful soil in which I would gain insight and transformation into a world I had only ever dreamed of. Now, my dear friends, reality seems but a dream I am capable of directing. It was in this search for freedom, I found myself far-removed from my friends and family; alone. I was alone, and I am so grateful to it.

Life is now a flow of experience, end-less questioning and pondering, and self-discovery. In this moment of my unique journey, I find myself enthused with Spirituality and Eastern-Philosophy. Though I am new to it all, I desire to share it with you. Having gained my 200 hour training certification in Yoga, I am inspired to continue my education and share all I believe to be truth as I go along.

I am supported, because I find support inside, and that brings it to the outer landscapes of this colorful world. I am supported. You can be too.


The color red, is much of what I see when I look outside of me. A new found awareness has led me to contemplate why the color red is something I am drawn to, repeatedly. I own a lot of maroon clothing, I love to dye my hair red, and I enjoy seeing the flush of excitement, and the rush of emotions that flood into the skin of those around me. There is something very natural and comforting about the color red.

As a child, I was always a little bit “up in the air.” I smiled constantly, defied what adults called “limitations”, and laughed with my belly. Growing up, fear captivated me. Fear of all sorts: judgement, punishment, disappointment, etc. But it was because what was inside, seemed to not be received well. I thought differently, I saw differently. The only thing I grew to not fear was change; and that has been an abundant blessing in my life. Because change is the only constant I know of.

Red, so happens to be the color of the first, foundational, chakra: The Root Chakra (Muladhara). As it’s name suggests, it deals with feelings of security, trust, and feeling grounded in someone’s personal sense of being. I am not beginning with the first Chakra, because it happens to be the first chakra, but because this is perhaps the most challenging one for me to maintain.

Below, you will find information on this particular chakra, ways in which I have cleared and amplified it’s flow of energy, and my overall understanding of it. (Please, if any of you have more information do not hesitate to join in the conversation and leave a comment or email me). Before you begin, I have written a brief overview of what the Chakras are, here.

The information that follows is easily found in the book “Eastern Body Western Mind” by Anodea Judith, or “A Handbook of Chakra Healing” by Kalashatra Govinda, and is also paired with my own understanding. It is important to always soak up the information that rings true to you, not to others. Enjoy.

ROOT CHAKRA: root-support, or grounded.

Balanced Muladhara Chakra: A balanced and activated root chakra provides your body and spirit with feelings of basic trust and intuition. The energy that flows through this earthly chakra provides our being with a beautiful ability to form and maintain healthy, trusting relationships with others without sacrificing the needs of oneSelf. If balanced, and activated, feelings of security in oneself and being comfortable with alone time is enhanced. One does not fear being alone. One does not allow fear, when felt (because fear is a basic emotion), to control their situation.

Location: In the physical body this chakra lies at the base of the spine, near the pelvic region.


  • The color red
  • Alluded to the earth and physicality. The basics of a physical life.
  • A red square, or 4 petal lotus flower.

Reconnecting with the Root Chakra:

As this chakra deals with balance, maintenance, and trust with others, and ourselves, it is only natural that our outer world should reflect what our inner world is working towards. However, I believe that by working inwardly, we work outwardly. Physicality, and being comfortable in our physical bodies, is an important aspect to unblocking and uplifting the vibrations of this chakra. It is important to:

  • Spend time outside. Notice the beauty that is around you.
  • Clean your home, and create a space where your body can feel at ease.
  • Cook homemade meals, but more-so, become aware of how it feels when doing this.
  • Dance! Go out! Share your beautiful light with the world around you. Express the innate beauty that is within you; and all.

With an unbalanced, or under-active, root chakra life begins to dull out a bit. Feelings of depression might surface, lethargy, and even complacency. One might begin to fear many things, and this ultimately leads to inactivity. The best way to bring forth change and spontaneity is to do something; use your body. Don’t let your body use you.

I’ll end by leaving you with one of my favorite quotes. It is inspired by a friend who was once stuck, but finally found a way out. It is something that has kept me going, even on those days I feel as if I couldn’t possibly move.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. -Dale Carnegie

Journey On-


There is always so much more to talk about! I will be posting some activities, yoga poses, and meditation techniques to help enhance the Root Charka’s flow. Look out for it, and thank you all.



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